Aperfeiçoando repertórios de comunicação de ciência

Ann E. Stuart (University of North Carolina) descreve no artigo Engaging the Audience:Developing Presentation Skills in Science Students (Envolvendo a audiência: desenvolvendo habilidade de apresentação em estudante de ciência) estratégias adotadas por ela para aprimorar habilidades de estudantes de graduação em tarefas de comunicação de ciência. A professora toma por base apresentações em Power point, a crítica entre pares, para aprimorar repertórios necessários para envolver a audiência em atividades de comunicação de ciência. O artigo está publicado no Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education (JUNE), Fall 2013, 12(1):A4-A10.
Transcrevo aqui o resumo, em inglês.
Engaging the Audience: Developing Presentation Skills in Science Students
Ann E. Stuart
Department of Cell Biology and Physiology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7545
This article describes a graduate class in presentation skills (“PClass”) as a model for how a class with similar objectives, expectations and culture might be mounted for undergraduates. The required class is given for students in neuroscience and physiology programs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; I describe the class in the years I led it, from 2003-2012. The class structure centered on peer rehearsal, critiquing of PowerPoint, and chalk talks by the students; video-recording of student talks for later review by the student with the instructor; and presentation of polished talks in a formal setting. A different faculty visitor to the class each week gave the students a variety of perspectives. The students also gained insight into their own evolving skills by discussing the strengths and weaknesses of seminars given by visitors to the campus. A unique feature of the class was collaboration with a professional actor from the University’s Department of Dramatic Arts, who helped the students develop techniques for keeping the attention of an audience, for speaking with confidence, and for controlling nervousness. The undergraduate campus would be expected to lend itself to this sort of interdisciplinary faculty cooperation. In addition, students worked on becoming adept at designing and presenting posters, introducing speakers graciously and taking charge of the speaker’s question session, and speaking to a lay audience.
Key words: presentation; PowerPoint; chalk talks; audience engagement; rehearsing; poster presentation.
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